V – Items can be prepared Vegetarian

Gf – Items can be prepared Gluten free

Hand Cut Kennebec Fries – 5

Malt vinegar aioli V&Gf

Curried Fries – 6

Vadouvan curry powder, mint yogurt V&Gf

House Marinated Olives – 6

Citrus, rosemary, garlic, toasted almonds V&Gf

Brussels Sprouts – 7

Grilled, malt vinegar reduction, lemon aioli, toasted

pistachio V&Gf

Pub Cheese – 7

Sharp cheddar, cream cheese, Old Speckled Hen ale,

pumpernickel V

Scotch Egg – 8

Soft-boiled egg, house made sausage, fried

Fried Cauliflower – 9

Almond butter, smoked garlic aioli, shallot jam,

celery V

English Mac N’ Cheese – 10

Aged cheddar cheese sauce, Fuller’s ESB, cheese

curds, English peas, pumpernickel crust V

Poutine – 11

Hand cut Kennebec fries smothered in tangy onion

gravy & melted cheese curds

Add egg – 2 Add brisket – 3

Add bacon – 2 Add veg curry – 3

Welsh Rarebit– 12

Hot melted cheese curds, cheddar, and stout served

with a sweet & spicy mustard glazed pretzel V

Ploughman’s Plate – 16

Aged cheddar, charcuterie & cheese selections,

pickled vegetable, mango chutney, hot mustard,

baguette V&Gf




V – Items can be prepared Vegetarian

Gf – Items can be prepared Gluten free

Fall Salad – 9

Mixed greens, apple, aged cheddar, pickled vegetable,

roasted tomato, fried parsnip, berry vinaigrette V&Gf

Wedge Salad – 8

Baby iceberg, bacon, roasted tomato, blue cheese

dressing V&Gf

Soup of the Day – 7

Ask your server for today’s special

Corned Beef Sandwich – 14

Choice brisket brined in house for 8 days, horseradish

slaw, pumpernickel, malt vinegar aioli, fries Gf

Crispy Chicken Sandwich – 14

Hand breaded free-range breast, aged cheddar,

Dijonnaise, tomato, mixed greens, fries Gf

Pub Burger – 15

D’Artagnan ground beef, stout caramelized onion,

house pub cheese, brioche, fries Gf

Fish and Chips – 15

Palm Ale battered ocean perch, malt vinegar tartar

Bangers & Mash – 14

Pork sausage, herbed mash, tangy onion gravy, grainy


Shepard’s Pie – 14

D’Artagnan ground lamb and beef, carrot, English pea,

rosemary, herbed mash Gf

Chicken Curry – 16

Cream, Cauliflower, carrot, bell pepper, jalapeño,

basmati rice V&Gf


Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood,

shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of a foodborne illness.


Bar Snacks

White Cheddar Popcorn – 5

Pub Crisps – 5

Irish Nachos – 7

Pub crisps, aged cheddar cheese sauce, Dijon crème