Welcome to The Red Lion Pub


Retaining the same feel as the original Red Lion Pub, whilst giving it a more modern updated twist, Proprietor Colin Cordwell has kept the dark oak planked bar and Tudor beams, and added book shelves throughout which are lined with books about British history and literature- Colin’s personal collection he’s been procuring over the years. Referring to himself as the “guardian or custodian” of the pub, rather than the owner, Cordwell pays homage to his family; a wall dedicated to John Cordwell’s exploits during World War II, specifically his role as a forger helping coordinate the famed “Great Escape.”; the second floor balcony is named “The Africa Room”, honoring his mother Justine Cordwell, who was an African studies scholar and an expert on Yoruba art and culture; the front “War Room” will be dedicated to his grandfather, Robert, who fought in World War I, surviving multiple gunshot wounds and an attempted bayoneting.

With an open-air dining room in the summer, three roaring fireplaces in the winter, a private balcony room for groups of 10-20 people, enough history and ghost tales to fill an encyclopedia, 14 unique drafts, a locally sourced and delicious menu, a wide selection of single malts, bourbons & ryes AND a promise from Colin Cordwell that The Red Lion Pub will remain “a place to talk about ideas” this Lincoln Park Pub promises to offer something that’s hard to come by these days, in the neighborhood or the city of Chicago.


The Red Lion Pub in not affiliated with The Red Lion Lincoln Square located at 4748 N. Rockwell St. Chicago Illinois.